Mens Hair Replacement

Mens Hair Replacement

Our 100% real human hair systems will give you the opportunity to change your life and your apperance with an innovative, non surgical hair replacement system that suits anyone and every lifestyle in a truly simple, undetectable way. Our high quality 100% human hair systems are designed to replace completely or partially the top of the head where the balding or thinning area is and cover any receding hairline, giving you a brand new set of hair!

Mens hair replacement system consultation

face to face appointment with Louise to discuss which hair system would be best suited to your lifestyle.



Mens hair replacement system first fit

This is the first appointmet to fit the hair system which has been custom ordered for you. A template of your scalp will be made and the system will be cut to size, fitted and cut & styled into your desired look.



Mens hair replacement system monthly maintenance

Hair system is removed and cleaned, scalp is cleaned and exfoliated. System is then re-fitted cut & styled back to your desired look.



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