We all have super busy life’s and find ourselves multi-tasking daily, this can lead to a lot of stress. As well as environmental factors and sun exposure, stress can have one of the most detrimental effects on our skin. Stress can also make you susceptible to aging. Did you know facials can help to reduce this stress?
Here at Alla Moda Belper our staff of fully trained in Elemis treatment and procedures. The power of touch is amazing to our skin, it can enliven the skin and can create a positive feeling of wellbeing.
Our Elemis therapists here at Alla Moda are fully trained in the art of massage techniques, you can trust our trained hands. Many treatments include massage to the face, neck, shoulders and scalp which leaves you refreshed and relaxed. Touch brings a small amount of warmth to the skin, which draws the circulation closer to the surface. This helps to decreases puffiness and helps toxins and impurities to be released from the skin whilst also allowing ingredients to be taken in. Stimulating the skin to its full potential.
At Alla Moda we pride ourselves in using Elemis, hence using the highest quality products and the latest up to date treatments. This includes ground breaking technology of the BIOTEC machine, providing you with a facial you have not previously experienced.
There is a lot of choice, but our trained therapists are here to help and advice you the best treatment plan for your skin. You will leave us feeling relaxed, stress free with a fresh healthy glow.

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